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The journey of today’s City Creek Plumbing began in 2001 when the founding member, Ashley Peck (right), entered into the plumbing industry as an apprentice plumber. Formerly a machine mechanic setting up and maintaining assembly machines in a production facility, Ashley already understood the necessities of mechanical systems and the tight tolerances some systems require. On his first day, Ashley was sent to work on roughing in the plumbing supply and drain lines in a small residential home.

Ashley attended the Plumbing Apprenticeship Program, successfully completing the program in 2006. From 2003– 2009, Ashley served as an icon and hero to all as a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force. Determined to excel forward, he continued his plumbing education while serving his country, completing the apprenticeship program and became a residential journeyman plumber in 2006. Later, he completed the educational requirements and became a commercial journeyman plumber in 2008. Since then, Ashley has worked in commercial building structures installing and servicing commercial plumbing and mechanical systems, some systems being 20 times larger in size than those found in most residential homes.

In 2016, Ashley’s ambition excelled him to achieve higher goals. He moved forward with his life-long dream of being self-employed, and made the decision to open City Creek Plumbing. He approached his close friend, Chris Harris (left), to fulfill the full requirements it takes to run a successful business. Chris, being an entrepreneur and successful businessman himself, accepted the challenge of another start-up company. Their first year in business has proved to be successful, as it is projected to exceed sales most start -up companies experience in their 3rd to 5th year revenues.

City Creek Plumbing strives to provide the most current technology and highest quality products available. We provide highly trained design and technical professionals to keep our clients aware of the options recommended for their home or commercial building. City Creek puts quality and safety first, all while still maintaining fair prices and fast response times. Our highly educated and professional staff is available to answer any questions regarding product concerns. Not limited to just products we offer, our staff is familiar with all available products in the industry.

Being a City Creek customer is not just a business relationship. We view our customers as family. We encourage you to research our technique and practices, as your findings will impress most. We welcome you to the family!!