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Drain & Sewer:

Is your water draining slower than normal? A clogged drain in your home or business can put a damper on anyone’s day. The potential mess it can create causes frustration and loss of valuabledrain-repair time.  ether it be your sink, shower, toilet or floor drain, a backup can cause extensive damage to your property.

A sigh of relief however, most clogged drains are easy to fix. City Creek’s skilled technicians are trained in many areas where clogs and backups occur and can effectively and efficiently clear the blockage before additional damage occurs from the backup.

Your home or business has a plumbing system that consists of a network of pipes in almost every wall, floor and ceiling of the structure. Clogs can happen anywhere in the plumbing network. City Creek is equipped to successfully locate and clear the blockage at any point in your plumbing system.

Most clogs are caused by:
City Creek Plumbing offers the following drain and sewer services:
Chemical drain cleaners you typically purchase at your local retailer are often ineffective and can have the potential of making the blockage worse. They also introduce chemicals in your home or business, which are extremely dangerous for adults, children and pets when inhaled or digested. Don’t chance the unhealthy risks chemical products provide. Call an expert at City Creek Plumbing today to clear your clogged drain.